The trends of the outdoor living landscape designs overrun the Chicago area, and being in an urban city; it can be difficult to build the garden of your dreams. But by taking full advantage of your outdoor living space, you can amplify the dream of having your livable space. With weather patterns, Chicago faces every year, you may want to consider patio materials and plants that will withstand light frost, even at the end of the growing season.


Create a nook location:

It incredibly feels good to place your seats in an open space, trying to create an intimate space. Look for a place in your area that feels trapped and isolated to find an outdoor living landscape design. It may have a nice shade of a tree or a fence on one side. This place could be your nook place. Place a comfortable chair or at least two. It is your new place to run if you want to relax with a book or watch the clouds pass by with a cup of tea or coffee.

Use of privacy screens:

Even if your neighbor’s house is a few meters away, it is very easy to feel you are out in the open. You can use border markers, walls, or tall plants to create an outdoor living landscape pattern and create some privacy in your outdoor living space. Some prefer to plant bamboo between buildings because it grows faster and does not take up too much space in the right conditions.

Bring back your childhood with the wonderful things of living outside:

As you plan your outdoor landscaping design, think about your younger days; your garden should be close and represent you as full of life, and bringing aspects of your childhood connects you back to your roots. Try planting some of the flowers your parents grew when you were a child or the tomatoes you inherited from your grandmother. Placing one or more unexpected plants in your garden restores memories and creates a home feel in designing your outdoor living space.

Try a flexible bar:

The latest outdoor living landscape design in Chicago is to include movable bars in your space. Tall plants are popular pickers. Instead of planting flowers in pots, try tall, traditional grass for more privacy. These barriers also work well for employers who can build a permanent barrier. Plants with long pots make the door of your house feel separate from the street.

Plus, you can plant flowers to make it even more amazing! Flowers have their place in your area, but you want more than marigolds and petunias. Try to plant traditional grasses, creeping flowers and trees, and other perennials.


Following are some really good outdoor living design companies near Chicago if you desire striking design and construction for your landscaped outdoor space. Here is a list of companies for which many famed outdoor living space designers work.

Apart from the ways to design the outdoor living area mentioned above, there are many other ways to create an outdoor living space that sounds like an extension of your home, which is to welcome wildlife to your area. Watching bees visit your flowers, birds feeding on bird feeders, and squirrels dancing in the trees bring a sense of life to your new outdoor living space. To promote wildlife, be sure to plant certain species that serve as pollinators or provide food for visiting birds. Other local plants in Chicago land space include the purple coneflower, the butterfly weed, and the wild geranium. All of these varieties are suitable for most roofs or balcony gardens. Apart from this, you can set up a birdhouse and plant a butterfly tree and hang a hummingbird feeder. You will enjoy the outdoors, watching the wildlife.


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